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Short history of the Term Base TELETERM and this website

The Base of telecommunications terms TELETERM is quadrilingual (Greek, English, French, and German) and was created in 1990 by the leader of the Permanent Group for Telecommunication Terminology (MOTO), Kostas Valeontis, as a dBASE III-Plus database, while in 1999 it was converted by him into an MS Access 97 database; today it is an MS Access 2000 database.

The development, operation, maintenance and feeding of TELETERM is performed by the leader of MOTO himself, who has also the responsibility for the content in this website.

Continually since 1996, the staff of OTE's unit responsible for the Telecommunications Standardization - and for the cooperation with the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) - has been contributing to preparing the terms before their entry into the database.

After its last updating (2019), TELETERM contained 127.659 correspondences of Greek-English terms, about 13.198 correspondences of Greek-English-French terms and 3.907 correspondences of Greek-English-German terms and 13.751 initialisms, acronyms and other abbreviations.

Accessing and searching the Telecommunications term base TELETERM is free on the Internet, in order to promote the usage of modern Greek telecommunication terms by anybody concerned both inside the Telecommunications sector and in a wider area outside it, given the current development of this sector within the framework of Information Society.

Free availability of the terms of TELETERM on the Internet was decided by a trilateral Agreement of:

  • the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization (OTE), as the founder and supporter of MOTO, within the work of which, since 1989, MOTO has produced the biggest part of the terms of the Base
  • the Hellenic Society for Terminology (ELETO), as the formal higher organization for coordination and support of the Hellenic Terminology, one of the founding collective members of which is MOTO, and within the work of which, since 1992, MOTO has produced the rest 17.000 terms of the Base, and of
  • the leader of MOTO, as the creator of the Base who is responsible for its dynamic operation, maintenance and development.

OTE covered the initial expenditure of the layout of this website and covers the annual cost for hosting the site by OTENET, ELETO covers the development and functioning of the site software and attending the proper operation of the interface, whereas the leader of MOTO is the content master of the site. The content master together with the competent persons from OTE and ELETO form a common group (see: Administration - Contacts).

The field structure of the Base TELETERM comprises the following basic fields (which, in each entry, correspond to a single concept):


English term error-free second
English abbreviation EFS
Greek term ασφάλματο δευτερόλεπτο
Greek abbreviation EFS
French term seconde sans erreur
French abbreviation SSE
German term fehlerfreie Sekunde
German abbreviation EFS
Foreign language reference source IEC 50(704)
Greek language reference source ΕΛΟΤ 1300.04
Stage of processing 2

Note 1
Since there is no national language policy for establishing rules of creation and application of purely Greek acronyms and abbreviations, the English ones are generally used both in Information Technology and in Telecommunications.

Note 2
Terms being in stage 3 or greater are definitive. Those in stage 2 have been prepared by ΜΟΤΟ and are in a Draft status for Public Enquiry and commentation. Stage 4 or greater indicates that the relevant term has been subjected to one or more revisions.

Note 3
Initially, as a dBASE III-Plus database, TELETERM could not have fonts supporting all four languages, so no diacritical marks had been used on the letters of French and German words. Converting the Base into an MS ACCESS 2000 database enabled proper rewriting of all French or German words which needed correction.

Searching-Retrieving terms from the Term Base TELETERM

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