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The Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT)

The Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) is the national standards body of Greece and has been founded by the Greek Law 372/76. ELOT is financed by the Greek State, supervised by the Ministry of Development, and governed by an Administrative Board. Since 1997-06-25 ELOT has been working as a Limited Company under the Law 2414/96 and the Presidential Decree 155/O.J. 131/Α/25-6-97.

ELOT's mission is the promotion and application of standardization in Greece. ELOT's main activities are: preparing and publishing standards; awarding marks of conformity and granting certificates of conformity; certifying quality systems for businesses and conducting laboratory tests.

The preparation of standards is performed by Technical Committees (TCs), in which representatives from all sectors of economy participate. The operation of TCs and their secretarial as well as financial support are under the responsibility of ELOT itself or other cooperating organizations (as, for instance, the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization - OTE - in the Telecommunications sector).

ELOT is the exclusive Greek member in the international and European organizations for standardization:

and is in close cooperation with OTE in attending/participating in the work of the organizations for telecommunications standardization:

The first care of all standards organizations and bodies, for the standardization of any sector, is adopting common terminology. A major international committee for the Principles and Methods of Terminology is ISO/TC 37, while sector-specific committees/groups have published a large number of terminology International Standards (ISO, IEC, and ISO/IEC standards). At national level, the standards bodies - so does ELOT- support the operation of corresponding committees or groups and publish corresponding national terminology standards, in the relevant country's language. In Greece, these organs operate under the aegis of ELOT or other national bodies.

By a special agreement concluded between ELOT and OTE, the Hellenic Telecommunications Standardization System operates under the responsibility of OTE. Central body of this system is TE-T (Technical Committee "Telecommunications"). The first working Group of TE-T is MOTO (see Permanent Group for Telecommunications Terminology (MOTO)), which - since 1989 - has produced many tens of thousands greek telecommunication terms, all contained in the Telecommunications Termbase TELETERM.

ELOT has a library of more than 200.000 classified standards, from many countries of the world, and a large number of Technical Regulations. ELOT sells, exclusively in Greece, the national standards of any country in the world which is active in standardization.

Having been working since 1996, ELOT's website, www.elot.gr, provides lists of all Hellenic as well as European Standards, certified companies etc.

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