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OTE: a pioneer in Hellenic Telecommunications Standardization & Terminology

Since 1989 till 2011, OTE had the responsibility of operating and supporting the system of the Hellenic Telecommunications Standardization, being in close cooperation with the Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT) according to the "OTE-ELOT Memorandum of Understanding for the standardization in the telecommunications sector", which has been countersigned by both the Minister of Transport & Communications and the Minister of Development. Within this framework, under OTE's responsibility did the Technical Committee "Telecommunications" (TE-T) operate, consisting of representatives from several relevant organizations and bodies (see figure).

Via ΤΕ-Τ and its Working Groups Greece attended and participated in the European telecommunications standardization activities and:

  • commented on the Drafts of the European telecommunications standards,

  • voted on the Final Drafts of the European standards,

  • transposed the European standards into Greek Standardization by adopting them as Hellenic Standards (ELOT), and

  • adopted (by ΜΟΤΟ's activities) Greek telecommunications terms equivalent to foreign (English) telecommunications terms ensuring the possibility of the Greek language to describe the contemporary telecommunication matters.
TE-T and participating bodies
Active Working Groups of ΤΕ-Τ
ELOT Committe cooperating with TE-T

The results of TE-T's operation are:

  • 774 telecommunication Standards in Greek,
    for all modern telecommunication systems (ISDN, GSM PLMN, DCS1800, ERMES, TETRA, DECT, IN etc.),
  • more than 5.500 Draft European Telecommunication Standards which have been circulated for national Public Enquiry and Voting,
  • 125.000 Greek telecommunication terms in successive editions of two Dictionaries: the "Consolidated vocabulary of telecommunication terms" and the "General and special telecommunication terminology".

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